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NComputing X-SeriesA turn-key solution for up to 11 users per PC.
The X-series direct connect, desktop virtualization kits enable up to 11 eleven users to simultaneously share a single PC at a fraction of the cost of a typical PC. Each user enjoys their own virtual workspace complete with their own applications, settings, files and preferences providing each user with a rich PC experience.

Connect up to six users to a single shared computer with one X550 kit (or eleven with two kits)

X-series Architecture

X-series Desktop virtualization kits

XD2 access device: Width: 119 mm, Depth: 82 mm, Height: 27 mm
X350: half-height PCI card fits in small-form-factor or full-sized PCs
X550: full-height PCI card requires full-sized PCs
Monitor mounting
XD2 access devices have built-in mounting holes to attach to the rear of a monitor with VESA-compliant mounting holes. Two screws per XD2 access device are included.
Power supply
No external power adapters are required
Power to the access devices is provided by the PCI card through the Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable
Power requirement
Each XD2 access device requires approximately 1 watt of power
Monitor power-save mode
Supports power-saving mode with Energy Star-compliant monitors
Led indicator on xd 2
Green LED located on front of access device indicates power/connection established
Video resolution
1440x900, 1360x768, 1280x1024, 1280x800, 1280x720, 1024x768, and 800x600, 16-bit color, 60 Hz refresh rate
Connection to sh ared pc
Standard Category 5e UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cable up to 5 meters / 16 feet
Standard Category 6 STP (shielded twisted pair) cable up to 10 meters / 33 feet
Stereo output via speaker port
Data security
No local data storage on device. USB ports on shared PC can be assigned to different users (Note: local user access to USB ports requires separate USB extension cables - not included).
FCC Class B, CE, MIC, RoHS
Operating temperature and humidity range
0 to 40 degrees Celsius 10 to 85% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Vspace desktop virtualization software
Suppported operating systems*
Microsoft Windows and Linux: refer to the support section at for the latest supported versions.
PC configuration
See Recommended Product Selection Guide at
Supported software**
Most PC applications, including browsers, e-mail, office suites, media players, educational software and more. Supports multimedia and full-motion video, but is not recommended for intensive 3D software.
Kit contents
X350 : One X350 kit includes three XD2 access devices, one half-height PCI card (with both full-height and low-profile brackets), vSpace software installation CD with user’s guide, Quick Install Guide, and 6 mounting screws for monitor mounting.
X550 : One X550 kit includes five XD2 access devices, one full-height PCI card, vSpace software installation CD with user’s guide, Quick Install Guide, and 10 mounting screws for monitor mounting.
Maximum number of users per pc***
Each X350 kit adds three users to a shared PC. A maximum of two kits can be used with one PC to get a total of seven users (three for each kit plus one on the PC).
Each X550 kit adds five users to a shared PC. A maximum of two kits can be used with one PC to get a total of eleven users (five for each kit plus one on the PC).

X-Series key features

  • Share one PC with up to eleven users
  • Slash hardware and support costs up to 75%
  • Easy to set up, maintain, and secure
  • Compact and reliable (no fans or disks)
  • Energy-efficient 1 watt per user)
  • Supports standard applications including multimedia and full-screen video
  • Supports standard and widescreen resolutions (up to 1280x1024 or 1440x900)
  • Connect users directly to the shared PC using standard cables up to 10 m (33 ft) long
  • Includes powerful vSpace™ desktop virtualization software, PCI card, and XD2 access devices
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